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   Fire Extinguishers Manufacturers and Fire Extinguishers Suppliers

    We are technologically the most advanced fire extinguisher manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, India. We
  manufacture various types of fire extinguishers to support the needs of clients belonging to various sectors. The types of
  fire extinguishers
that we supply are ABC fire extinguisher, dry chemical powder, carbon dioxide type, HFC 227ea Gas
  Based Portables, water type and foam type fire extinguisher.It is a fire protections system that fire extinguishers or
  controls fire.Typically, it is a hand held cylindrical container with a reactive agent that can be sprayed on to the fire.


Fire Extinguishers

  - Carbon dioxide Type
- ABC Fire Extinguishers
- HFC 227ea Gas Based Poratbles
- Dry Chemical Powder
- Water Type / Foam Type

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

   These Fire Extinguishers have a black color band at the top of the cylinder to distinguish them from other kinds. CO2 is a non-conductive and non-corrosive gas which reduces the available oxygen for fire. CO2 is compressed to a liquid form and stored in the cylinder under high pressure. These Fire Extinguishers are suitable to extinguish
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  We are the authorized sub-distributors of Apollo Fire Systems, UK
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