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   This Analogue addressable fire alarm control panel is robust and easily accessible. It is designed in compliance with   EN54. Each panel in the modular series has processing ability, is easily installable, programmable and accessible.
  Analogue addressable fire alarm & Apollo Addressable fire alarm system control panel is widely used for   installations with complex sounder and   control/shutdown requirements. You can program each of the panels to suite the   individual requirements using cause and effect matrix using a computer.

   Analogue addressable fire alarm has a backlit LCD that displays 4 lines X 20 character. It displays the most recent   event. You can view other messages from more option. Key switch has a membrane control which you can use to access   and is protected by password. Each panel has very high level of processing power. And each panel allows up to 126   addresses. Each loop has its own processor and allows up to 126 addresses per loop.

   Analogue addressable fire alarm control panel, by using an Apollo discovery detector, can be configured to   automatically switch between smoke detection and heat detection. The key features of a 1-2 Loop Analogue Addressable   Fire Alarm Control Panel (XP95 & Discovery Protocols):

   backlit LCD Display in addressable fire alarm system is capable of having a 4 line X 20 character. User controls are   accessed by key switch with password protection. Each panel has high level of processing power and allows up to 126   addresses. Each loop has its own processor. Up to 248 user-definable panel inputs and alarm outputs can be provided in   this addressable fire alarm system.


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