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  Flooding Systems
We install an assortment of CO2 flooding system that are highly appreciated for their qualitative features. The CO2 has high expansion ratio that leads to rapid discharge and allows three dimensional penetration of the entire hazard area in the fastest manner.

Advantages of CO2 system:
- Fast in action
- Non damaging nature towards the equipment
- Non conducting
- Effectively stops the difficult fire situation

The CO2 flooding system finds diverse applications in the following areas:
- Transformers
- Power Generators
- Ships Holds
- Machinery Spaces
- Electrical Equipment - Alternators
- Chemical Equipment- Flammable liquids
- Chemical Works & Stores
- Switch Rooms
- Electric Movers
- Solvent Stores
- Dip Tanks

Some of the salient features that make our CO2 fire extinguishing systems are:
- Fast acting
- Electrically non-conductive
- Creates no residue
- Cost effective
- Environmentally friendly

  Flexible Sprinkler Hose
  - UL Listed
- Non UL Listed
- Sizes: 700, 1000, 1500, 1800mm.

  - UL Listed
- Non UL Listed

  Fire & Warning Signages
Our fire & warning signages are being used in various places like offices, malls, cinema plexes and other places. These fire & warning signages are made of high graded raw material by using highly sophisticated machines. We manufacture these as per various industrial standards in accordance with the client’s requirements. 

  LHS Cables
LHS Digital is a twin conductor cable with temperature-sensitive insulation protected by a special braid, PVC or high temperature, chemical resistant polymer outer sheath to meet specific application requirements.

This concept of point-of-risk detection can also be employed as cabling for electrical fire alarm systems, subject to local standards (eg British Standards) or customer specification restrictions.

- Twin-conductor switching heat sensing cable
- Effective monitoring at precise point of risk
- Economical, reliable and durable detection
- Simple and easy to install
- Applied where other types of fire detection are unsuitable.

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  We are the authorized sub-distributors of Apollo Fire Systems, UK
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